Ranger Flyaway Terminals

Ranger flyaway terminals are the premier lightweight and rugged quick deploy satcom solution. Every RANGER incorporates light, durable components and are expertly designed for easy assembly, operation and maintenance. You can count on RANGER terminals to consistently deliver high quality remote field communications for your mission’s success.

A Ranger Flyaway Terminal
for Every Mission


Powerful & Reliable

Ranger terminals are the industry leader in EIRP signal strength and are world renowned for their exceptional reliability. Maximize your mission’s success rate by keeping your team connected with a Ranger system.

Durable & Lightweight

Ranger terminals incorporate light and durable components to ensure a high level of mobility and product longevity. The reflector is made from a carbon fiber composite and features integrated machined fasteners to ensure protection from even the most extreme environments.

Quick & Easy Operation

Ranger terminals are quick and easy to operate so your team can stay focused on their mission, not on their communications equipment. In fact, for most configurations a single operator can setup and establish network access in less than ten minutes.

Customizable For Any Mission

The modularity of the Ranger system allows for a high level of customization to fit your missions requirements. The customizable packaging can be setup for minimum weight deployments, minimum amount of cases or anywhere in-between.

Field Interchangeable Feed Booms

Rangers feature a modular feed boom design that incorporates all of the RF components for C, X, Ku and Ka-bands. Operators can swap between bands in seconds and are able to interchange feed booms between multiple antenna sizes saving you space, time and money.

Motorized & Non-Motorized Solutions

The reliable motorized configuration incorporates an antenna control unit that offers a one button deploy, locate, peak and an inclined orbit tracking system. The non-motorized configuration further improves system reliability and has an optional pointing assistant.


  • Industry Leading EIRP
  • 10 Minute Tool-less Assembly
  • Integrated Feed Boom for Each Band
  • MIL-STD-188-164A Compliant
  • Consistent Reliable Performance
  • Lightweight & Rugged Design


  • Antenna Sizes from 1.0m to 2.4m
  • C, X, Ku or Ka-band Feedbooms; Field Interchangeable
  • Motorized, Non Motorized, or both – Field Upgradable
  • WGS, DSCS and SKYNET Certified Configurations
  • Camouflage Reflector
  • IATA Compliant Cases