A True Family of Terminals

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the Ranger Family of Terminals seamlessly integrates with multi-orbit constellations, powered by our advanced satellite terminal ground systems. This innovative approach unlocks significant benefits, streamlining training, enhancing logistics sustainment, and optimizing SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power, and Cost). Additionally, you gain global reach, uninterrupted connectivity, and dramatically reduced latency for critical applications thanks to strategically designed multi-orbit systems. This future-proof solution ensures operational resilience and adaptability to evolving needs, making it ideal for organizations seeking to optimize their satellite infrastructure.

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Unified Training for Diverse Operations

Our multi-orbit ground system facilitates a centralized training platform, enabling operators to master operating similar systems across different orbits. This streamlines training programs, significantly reducing the learning curve for critical personnel as they gain expertise in handling diverse satellite architectures and deployment methods.

Streamlined Operations Through Standardization

Standardizing procedures across the multi-orbit ground satellite system simplifies training and empowers operators to seamlessly switch between tasks on common equipment. This fosters a more efficient and versatile workforce, prepared to handle diverse satellite operations.

Reduced Footprint with Versatility and Efficiency

The multi-orbit capability of our Ranger Family of Terminals allows for streamlined resource utilization, resulting in lower SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power, and Cost). By deploying a single system for diverse missions, we eliminate the need for multiple specialized configurations. Additionally, our Ranger Family's efficient resource allocation ensures systems are tailored to specific needs without unnecessary bulk.

Enhanced Logistics with Swappable Components

Over 75% of our terminals' components are swappable, fostering interoperability across major satellite systems. This commonality in parts extends to spares, equipment, and support personnel, significantly simplifying logistics. The resulting reduced logistical footprint and tail translates to greater operational efficiency and cost savings.

A person wearing a navy blue Airbus polo shirt is handling a large, beige mechanical apparatus from the Family of Terminals against a light grey background. The apparatus appears complex with various components and wires. A partial view of a circular object with triangular segments is visible on the left.

Unmatched Adaptability through Modular Design

The Ranger Family of Terminals boasts exceptional modularity, enabling extensive customization to meet your unique mission needs. Over 75% of components at the Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) level are interoperable, significantly reducing logistical burden compared to traditional options. Designed as a true Family of Terminals, the Ranger product line offers a variety of base antenna sizes, along with common RF feedbooms, Outdoor Units (ODUs), and spare packages. This standardized approach ensures simplified setup, operation, and maintenance due to shared processes and interfaces across the entire Ranger line. Furthermore, Ranger terminals feature customizable packaging allowing for deployment optimization, whether prioritizing minimum weight, reduced case count, or any combination thereof.

A Ranger For Every Mission

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