Airbus Defense and Space has leased the X-band payload on Telesat’s ANIK G1 satellite to deliver the first commercially available X-band capability over North and Latin America, with substantial coverage of the Pacific reaching out to Hawaii and Easter Island. The X-band services on ANIK G1 are fully compliant with NATO interoperability standards giving seamless interoperability and portability with the Airbus Defense and Space existing SKYNET fleet of X-band satellites and the US Government’s WGS satellites


  • Fully interoperable with WGS and Skynet satellite system
  • Uncontended X-band communications services for US government & military
  • Fast track services available
  • Only commercially available X-band coverage over the Americas and Eastern


  • EIRP 36.5dBW at EOC &G/T -10.5dB/K at EOC
  • Operates from 107.3°W giving coverage from 178°W to 35°W until at least 2028
  • ANIK G1 X-Band services are ideal for:
    • Naval operations
    • Disaster recovery
    • Emergency management
    • Protection of natural resources such as mining, forests, oil and gas
    • Remote army operations
    • Remote government offices
    • Civil-military inter-agency collaboration