Skynet 5 UHF

UHF services on SKYNET 5 are ideal for US government and military users who are on the tactical edge, in remote locations and require mobile, simple to use, voice and data connectivity. UHF communications are often favourable with users as the equipment is lightweight, easy to use, and provides a quick and simple way of communicating to command and control – similarly to a mobile/cell phone. As a trusted and secure milsatcom service provider, Airbus Defense and Space’s SKYNET 5 UHF channels are fully coordinated with NATO standards to ensure usability and interoperability.


  • High resilience and security via military-grade spacecraft and infrastructure
  • Unparalleled customer service in availability and resolution
  • Lightweight, mobile communications capability in remote locations
  • High EIRP enabling higher data rates, smaller terminals & connectivity in built up areas
  • Accessible by a wide range of users & equipment


  • Each SKYNET 5 has 9 tuneable UHF channels, except Skynet 5D which has 11.
  • All SKYNET 5’s provide dedicated TACSAT, DAMA and IW services
  • Tuneable 5kHz and 25kHz channels in short timescales
  • Dedicated TACSAT, DAMA and IW services
  • Global beams including coverage for the Poles
  • 24/7/365 reliable and secure customer and network support
  • Fully coordinated channels with NATO standards
  • Skynet 5’s are hardened, secure and high-powered military satellites